Precautions for use of eye massager

As the one of the most professional eye massager manufacturer, we Comassager are always striving to optimize our product design and improve the quality of our products.But there are still a lot of matters must be noted when using an eye massager. Please do not use eye massager while driving. Please do not use eye … Read More

People who need an eye massager

With the development of modern technology, people are faced with various electronic products every day. In the fast-paced life and work, people are suffering from eye diseases.With the increasing demand for eye massage in the market, we have finally developed an eye massage device based on the modern eye massage theory and the principles of … Read More

the principles of eye massager

Comassager series eye massager is a multi-functional device based on the principles of Traditional meridian theory of Chinese medicine and Cosmetology of traditional Chinese medicine, combining with heating,vibration,air pressure, hot compress to maintain and promote eye health and overall facial youth, relieving dry eyes, eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles, migraines, puffy eyes, myopia…… effectively. Wireless … Read More

BEST 5 eye massager review

Eye massager is the best way to relieve temple pressure, eye bags, dry eyes,migraines, glaucoma, blepharitis,myopia,wrinkles, headaches and even help to improve eyesight,relax the eyes. Are you looking for best eye massager? I hereby provide you with in-depth reviews of the best eye massager 2020 and also give a detailed guide on how to pick … Read More

eye massager supplier

best eye massager with heating

Therapy Head & Eye Massager with Heating Therapy Head & Eye Massager with Heating is our newest generation. It is our best eye massager. We have made a great improvement on Belik eye massager successfully. There are 20 pcs of 7-10 mm soft silicone rotating nodes simulating human 3D massage method, massage the acupuncture points … Read More

is eye massager effective?

How does eye massager stop dry eyes? Does eye massagers work? Do you suffer from continually dry eyes?  Does your vision sometimes become blurry or unfocused? Do you experience dark circles under your eyes? The best eye massages is an useful and comfortable device of relieving issues such as temple pressures, eye strains, headaches, facial … Read More

how eye massager work for eye acupoints

eye massager machine is best for eye acupoints There are seven key acupoints around the eyes, they are Cuanzhu acupoint, Fish-waist acupoint, Silk-bamboo acupoint, Temples, Pupil acupoint, Back-ball acupoint and the Qingming acupoint. Comassager, as one of the most professional eye massager manufacture in China, our eye massager machine takes advantage of Chinese traditional acupressure … Read More

How does eye massager work

Pure therapy head & eye massager with heating,vibration,air pressure and hot compress, is a beneficial device used not only for making a spa to your eyes, relaxing and relieving the pressure of your eyes and brain, eye fatigue, but also improving the blood circulation, increasing the metabolism of cells around eyes, making vision restored. It … Read More

best mini eye massager

Breo isee4 Eye Massager iSee4 eye massager is a new special instrument for protecting eyes and beautifying eyes, have a great improvement on portable eye massager. It combines modern ophthalmology theory and cosmetology of traditional Chinese medicine. It can promote blood circulation around eyes, reduce blood pressure in brain, relax nerve in brain, and improve … Read More