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Eye massager is the best way to relieve temple pressure, eye bags, dry eyes,migraines, glaucoma, blepharitis,myopia,wrinkles, headaches and even help to improve eyesight,relax the eyes. Are you looking for best eye massager? I hereby provide you with in-depth reviews of the best eye massager 2020 and also give a detailed guide on how to pick the right one.

Best 5 Eye Massager Reviews in 2020

As the one of the most professional eye massager manufacture, we are focusing on the development, production and sales of eye massagers for more than 10 years. We have combined the traditional Chinese medicine massage concept with modern technology successfully, connecting intelligent air pressure, comfortable heating and multi-function vibration in a whole, developing a series of wireless convenient eye massagers with best price and best quality. Here is best 5 eye massager reviews.

1. Eye Massager for Eye Beauty with Far Infrared Heating

Beauty Eye Massager

This eye beauty eye massager is not just do eye massager. It is the multi-functional eye massager, not only can improve sleeping, relax and relieve stress, but also have many beauty functions, far infrared heating can reduce wrinkles, promote blood circulation around the eyes, relieve eye fatigue,soreness,and eliminate eye bags and dark circles.

There are some advantages:

1. VISUAL DESIGN: You can enjoy eye masager while working. Compared with traditional eye massager, our new generation made the great breakthrough in the history of eye massage.

2. MUSIC THERAPY: Bluetooth function makes eye massager more interesting. When use eye massager, you can connect eye massager with your phone, and play your favorite music when do eye massage. The gentle music can relax your mind and brain, relieve the pressure, help to fall asleep.

3. 42 DEGREE FAR INFRARED HEATING: Far infrared heating makes eye massager have beauty function. 42 degree heating accelerates the blood circulation around the eyes to relieve sore eyes and dryness, diminish dark circles, and effectively relieve eye fatigue. In addition, eye massager has great effect on eye care, because heating can help eye skin absorb the essence.

2. Vibration Bluetooth Eye Massager

Vibrating Eye Massager

There are six different massaging modes, massage the acupuncture points around the eyes in all directions.

Automatic Mode: Music+Vibration+Hot Compress + Air Pressure. This mode can help to improve eyesight, relieve eye dryness, eliminate eye tightening and discomfort.

Clear Mode: Music + Air Pressure. This mode aims to improves vision, recover the elasticity of skin around the eyes , relieves eye dryness.

Dynamic Mode: Music+Vibration+ Air Pressure . This mode focus to relieve eye fatigue, recover the elasticity of skin around the eyes , Prevent eye bags and dark circles.

Eye Relaxing Mode: Hot Compress + Air Pressure. This mode is used to massage the eye acupuncture points, improve eye blood circulation around eyes.

Sleeping Mode: Music+Hot Compress. The hot compress relieves the soreness of the eyes, thereby eliminating dry eyes, bags under the eyes, and dark circles. With gentle music, improve sleep quality, improve insomnia and multiple dreams.

Children Mode: Music+Vibration+Hot Compress + Air Pressure. This is our special mode, is used to caring for children’s eye health ,improve eyesight, relieve eye fatigue, eliminate eye tightening,discomfort and headache. Improve learning efficiency .

3. Intelligent Eye Massager

Intelligent Eye Massager

This intelligent eye massager have five different massaging modes as previous item, expect for children mode. This item is designed according to the structure of the eye and the different acupoint distribution, which can accurately massage the acupuncture points around the eyes.

In addition to the massage function, the hot compress function is also unique. Using 42 degrees far infrared for hot compressing, it can obviously feel the uniform heating around the eyes. This function is very effective in improving dark circles. The principle is connecting hot compress, airbag massage and vibration massage. Kneading with the pressure of the airbag to relieve fatigue. The vibration function massages the eye points and relaxes the eye muscles at the same time.

4. Best Eye Massager with Heating

Heating Eye Massager

This item is our newest generation. It is the first time that we introduce silicone material into eye massage product. There are 20 pcs of 7-10 mm soft silicone head,simulating human 3D massage method, massage the acupuncture points around the eyes in all directions, driving eye muscles movement, easing the pressure of work and study. recovering your eyes from stress and tiredness.

There are three different massage modes for different massage needs.

1. Dynamic Mode: for when you feel your eyes really tired.

2. Pressure-Releasing Mode: Suitable for daily eye massage.

3. Sleeping Mode: for the moment when you have a rest or sleep.

5. Eye Massager with Air Pressure

Air Pressure Eye Massager

There are three different massaging modes and is designed as one-touch control, full of technology.





The tightness for the elastic buckle can be adjusted, suitable for different head circumference sizes. It is also can be used by children and elderly. Children can be used to prevent myopia, the elderly can be used to correct farsightedness, is the best gift choice.

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