Best Price Eye Beauty Massager with Vibration and Music

Best Eye and Temple Massager

Temple is in front of auricle, on both sides of the forehead and on the extension line of the outer corner of the eye. When the brain is used continuously for a long time, the temple often feels heavy pressure or pain. Our eye and temple massager according to Chinese traditional acupressure,massaging temple and eyes can relieve headaches and eye pain,provide relaxing sleep after a the whole day hard work and study.

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Product Name:Eye Massager for Eye Bags
Model No.:EM 6088
Voltage:AC 110-250 V
Power:5 W
Battery Capacity:1800 M AH
Main Materials:ABS
Blindfold Materials:PU
Color:White or Customized


1. Air pressure

Comassager series eye massager adopt 3D airbag pressure, massage the acupoints surrounding your eyes like finger touch. Do a spa for your eyes.

2. Comfortable heating

The constant heating with air pressure relax eye muscles and improving blood circulation for muscles around the eyes, work for eye fatigue, dark circle, air bag and headache.

3. Multi-frequency vibration

Different types of vibration , driving eye muscles movement, easing the pressure of work and study. recovering your eyes from stress and tiredness.

4. Built-in music

5.Multi-function vibration and double air bag

Music can ease the feeling of tension and pressure on the eyes, reduce the headache and provide relaxing sleep after a the whole day hard work and study.

6. Ergnomic design

Besides, Comassager series eye massager adopts the ergnomic design, providing optimum solution for the tender care and well-being of your eyes.


  1. Please don’t use eye massager when driving.
  2. Please don’t use eye massager if there is severe trauma around the eyes.
  3. Please don’t use eye massager if physical and mental discomfort.

Sample policy

We accept 1pc free sample, but your side should pay for the delivery charge.


  • Q: Does the eye massager is useful ?
  • A: Yes, of course. our comassager eye massager adopts the sharpe-edged techonloge of air pressure and far infrared therapy, it is good for blood circulation around the eyes and solve the eyes problems.
  • Q: Is eye massager effective ?
  • A: Yes, of course. Our vibration eye massager simulate a relaxing pressure massage with finger, hands and palms exactly on the acupuncture, can ease the feeling of tension, reduce the headache and provide relaxing sleep.
  • Q:How long should we use eye massager everyday.
  • A: 15 minutes every day.
  • Q: Will an electric eye massager help in dry eye, fatigue, eye bag, dark circles,migraines and other eye problems?
  • A:Yes, the air pressure, multi-function vibration and 42 degree heating can massage the eye balls and all the acupoints around the eyes and temple, improve the blood circulation around the eyes, smooth the skin around the eyes.
  • Q: How to clean the vibration eye massager?
  • A: Our eye massager use the skin-friendly s PU material, it is soft and easy to clean.
  • Q: Does the product sound loud when it works?
  • A: Our eye massager have vibration and air pressure function, when it works, the voice is normal volume.

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