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What does eye massager do? Eye massager is one of the most-effective solutions to eyestrain,migraines, eye bags, dry eyes,wrinkles and headaches. Working hard every day, taking care of family and carrying out all other responsibilities make us exhausted. Now, you need air pressure massager to solve your problems.

One of the most-effective solutions that can be employed is the use of eye massagers. While natural eye massages are best, it’s not a very practical option since spa treatments are quite expensive and also time-consuming.

You can think of eye massagers as your personal masseuse who is an expert on alleviating pain from your eye sockets and temples. Below are eight of the best eye massagers currently available in the market and rest is left to your better judgment!

Quick Comparison: Top 2 Best Eye Massagers


Heated Sonic Eye Massager

Wireless Bluetooth Eye Care Massager is not only a beauty product, but also a eye care product. 42 degree constant temperature is the best way to improve the blood circulation around the eyes,relieving sore eyes and dryness, diminishes dark circles, and effectively relieves eye fatigue . In addition,acupoint massage and intelligent air pressure,simulates multiple frequencies of the human hand, so as to reach the muscles and nerves around the eyes, relieve eye pain and eye fatigue.

Heated sonic eye massager is only a beauty product helps to remove eye bags, dark circles, fine lines or wrinkles. It can also improve blood supply around the eyes, improve the aqueous humor circulation, adjust eye pressure, relieve eyes fatigue, effectively eliminate eye swelling, minimize fine lines and remove bacterial plaque. 



  1. 180-degree foldable, it is easy to take
  2. Large capacity rechargeable battery with USB charging, can be used for 5 time with one charging.
  3. With buletooth function. you can connect thr massager with your phone and play the your favorite music when you do eye massage.
  4. It is also a very funny product, Pre-record nature sounds and built-in music also can relax your whole soul.
  5. Stylish design, it is suitable for all different ages. the best gift for girl friend, boy friend, parents, children and colleague.
  6. Six diferent massaging modes meet with different massaging requirement.
  7. 42 degree constant temperature, acupoint massage and intelligent air pressure and multi-function vibration, help you do a eye spa in anywhere and anytime.
  1. Affordable
  2. Rechargeable
  3. Lightweight
  4. Anion import


  1. More expensive than Heated Sonic Eye Massager


  1. Only for woman to beauty their eyes
  2. No coolness setting
  3. Only have beauty function

Summary: There is no doubt that wireless bluetooth eye care masager is better.It is the best gift suitable for all ages. it not only can reduce wrinkles, dark circle ,enhance skin elasticity, but also can fully relax the eyeball and eye muscles, reduce intraocular pressure, and quickly eliminate the symptoms such as dryness, fear of light and blurred vision soreness, swelling and pain caused by excessive eye use, eliminate insomnia caused by excessive brain and neurasthenia, and shorten the time to fall asleep and easy to enter deep sleep.

We Comassager, as one of the most professional eye massager manufacture in China, We have been committed to the development, production and sales of wireless eye massager for more than ten years. Here we recommend you another 3 best sellers in 2020 marketing.

NO.1: Intelligent Eye Massager

Intelligent eye massager is one of the best eye massagers in the market right now with a variety of choices for the user and implementation of high technology. It has intelligent air pressure which can operate softly or hardly on your eyes depending on the mode you choose. The functions are thesame as last one, the only difference is this item is given at 5 different massaging modes are automatic, clear, dynamic, beauty and sleeping.

NO.2: Best Mini Eye Massager

The massage is given at three levels of pressure – cycling, med and hard. So you have the freedom to see which one provides the most comfort for you. It is very easy to operate. In addition, it is the smallest one in the market. Though it weighs pretty heavy at 318g, the back of this massager is made of soft and breathable PU material. So the materials are skin-friendly and environmrnt-friendly. Besides, You can recharge its Large-capacity built-in lithium battery with USB and it is foldable, you can take it anywhere by folding the machine 180 degrees.

NO.3: Best Eye Massager with Heating

Best eye massager with heating is our newest generation with three different massaging modes. We have made a great improvement successfully. There are 20 pcs of 7-10 mm soft silicone head,simulating human 3D massage method, massage the acupuncture points around the eyes in all directions, driving eye muscles movement, easing the pressure of work and study. recovering your eyes from stress and tiredness. 42 degree heating accelerates the circulation of the eye, relieves sore eyes and dryness, diminishes dark circles, and effectively relieves eye fatigue.

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