eye massager benefits-beauty benefits and eye care benefits


  • What does an eye massager do?
  • Does an eye massager improve the eyesight?
  • Does an eye massager work for putty eyes?
  • Does an eye massager help to dark circle?

The eyes are the “window” of the soul. Every moment, people use their eyes to see the world and discover many interesting things. If you don’t have eyes, you can’t see anything, you can’t do normal work and study.But with the development of society, people’s daily life, such as a lack of sleep, stress and staring for too long at our laptop and mobile screens can have a terrible effect on our eyes.

We must take more care of our unique eyes. How to protect the windows of our hearts? Use an eye massager! Who choose an eye massager? There are some benefits.

Eye massager benefits-the beauty benefits

Eye massager can stimulate the acupuncture points around the eyes and accelerate blood circulation,reducing wrinkles and enhancing skin elasticity. If you use the eye massager fifteen minutes every day, it also can help eliminate eye bags and dark circles caused by insufficient sleep and poor blood circulation, strengthen the metabolism of eye cells, smooth out wrinkles around the eyes, and make the skin of the eyes more shiny.

Eye Massager Benefits-the Eye Care Benefits

Prevention and treatment of computer eye disease, inhibition of neurasthenia and insomnia, elimination of eye fatigue. When you use the eye massager before sleep, you can fully relax the eyeball and eye muscles, reduce intraocular pressure, and quickly eliminate the symptoms such as dryness, fear of light and blurred vision soreness, swelling and pain caused by excessive eye use, eliminate insomnia caused by excessive brain and neurasthenia, and shorten the time to fall asleep and easy to enter deep sleep.


1. The constant temperature: accelerates the circulation of the eye, relieves sore eyes and dryness, diminishes dark circles, and effectively relieves eye fatigue

2. The intelligent pressure: the word “smart pressure” is a bit raw, right? Intelligent air pressure is a massage that simulates multiple frequencies of the human hand, so as to reach the muscles and nerves around the eyes, relieve eye pain and eye fatigue.

3. Multi-frequency vibration: multi-frequency vibration can improve eye adjustment ability, improve vision and inhibit vision loss

4. Built-in Light music: light music playback can make people calm and calm, eliminate irritability and stress

5. Large battery capacity: Built-in 1200mAh li-ion battery, Charging Time: 2-3h, Working Time: 60-90 min

6. 180°folding: Stylish Portable and adjustable design and fits all face types.

The Main User for Eye Massager

1. School students with myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, excessive eyesight or long-term wear of glasses cause eye fatigue discomfort

2.computer operators, accountants, secretaries, teachers, long-time drivers, precision machine workers, etc.

3.People who are suffering from crow’s feet, dark circles and eye bags under the eyes.

4.Eye pain, headache, facial trigeminal neuralgia, neurasthenia, insomnia

Top 3 Best Eye Massager in 2019 from Comassager

No.1: Rechargeable warm steamer eye massager

Comassager series eye massager can massage more than 20 acupuncture points such as “fish waist”, “silk bamboo” and “bearing weeping” around the eyes, stimulating the acupuncture points around the eyes, accelerate blood circulation, enhance the metabolism of the eye skin cells, prevent myopia, and relieve eye fatigue effectively. eye massager also can regularly. It also can prevent the aging speed of the eye skin and reduce the frequency of degradation, thereby achieving the eye skin has a vital and elastic effect.

No.2: Intelligent eye massager

Intelligent eye massagere can help to get relief from eye strain and you can feel fresh after few minutes use. If you are working in the IT field and spend most of time in the front of computer then the Eye Massager device is the effective option for you. You can feel energetic in short duration. It has some other eye and mind relaxing benefits such as remove headaches and improve blood circulation around eyes

No.3: Best mini eye massager

Mini eye massager is a new special instrument for protecting eyes and beautifying eyes, which combines modern ophthalmology theory and cosmetology of traditional Chinese medicine. It can promote blood circulation around eyes, reduce blood pressure in brain, relax nerve in brain, and improve insomnia caused by excessive use of brain and neurasthenia.

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