Eye Massager for Dry Eye Beauty

Breo Eye Massager V 2.0 for Eye Beauty with Far Infrared Heating

Breo Eye Massager V 2.0 for Eye Beauty with Far Infrared Heating is best eye massager in the markeing, not just do eye massager. It is the multi-functional eye massager, not only can improve sleeping, relax and relieve stress, but also have many beauty functions, far infrared heating can reduce wrinkles, promote blood circulation around the eyes, relieve eye fatigue,soreness,and eliminate eye bags and dark circles.

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Spare parts

1* power adapter ; 1* power line ; 1* nonwoven bag ; 1* use manual


1 Year, if qty up to 1000 pcs, we accept 1% foc for warranty

Technical Details

Product Name: Breo Eye Massager with Far Infrared Heating
Model No.: EM 9089
Voltage: AC 110-250 V
Power: 5 W
Battery Capacity: 900 M AH
Charge Time: 2-3 Hours
Main Materials: ABS+PC
Color: Black and White or Customized
N./W.: 500 G


Use eye massager when working

1. Visual design

You can enjoy eye masager while working. Compared with traditional eye massager, our new generation Breo Eye Massager V2.0 made the great breakthrough in the history of eye massage.

User-friendly design is very suitable for white-collar class.When confused by work, it can relieve the pressure of brain, relax the brain to improve the work efficiency.

2. Music therapy

Bluetooth function makes eye massager V2.0 more interesting. When use eye massager, you can connect eye massager with your phone, and play your favorite music when do eye massage.

In addition, this item also has built-in music.You can enjoy eye massage with the gentle built-in music that comes with the factory. The gentle music can relax your mind and brain, relieve the pressure, help to fall asleep.

Eye massager with Bluetooth music
42 degree far infrared heating

3. 42 degree far infrared heating

Far infrared heating makes eye massager V2.0 have beauty function. 42 degree heating accelerates the blood circulation around the eyes to relieve sore eyes and dryness, diminish dark circles, and effectively relieve eye fatigue.

In addition, eye massager has great effect on eye care, because heating can help eye skin absorb the essence.

4. multi-function vibrating

Multiple vibration points can excercise the eye muscle group, relieve muscles and promote blood circulation, increase eye muscle elasticity, improve eye microcirculation and the regulation function of the eye nervous system, relieve brain stress and eye fatigue quickly.

with multi-function vibrating

NO.3: Sleeping Mode: This mode can make your mind and soul calm down, it is good for sleep. Besides, this mode is often used for evening skin care. Because the heating can accelerate the skin absorption of eye essence.

5. Three different massaging modes

There are three working modes to meet your different massage needs :

NO.1: Relaxing Mode: This mode is used to relax eyes and brain for long time working.

NO.2: Comfortable Mode: This mode is used for daily eye massage. Pulse massage helps promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue.


The size of elastic buckle can be adjusted from 17 to 40 cm freely, suitable for different size of head, just as customized.

adjustable elastic buckle
900 HMA battery capacity


Large capacity: Built-in 900mAh li-ion battery, Charging Time: 2-3h, Working Time: 5 hours. It is suitable for home, office and travelling.


  1. Please do not use eye massager while driving.
  2. Please do not use eye massager if suffer from stroke, high blood pressure, low blood pressure.
  3. Please do not use eye massager while wearing contact lenses.

Sample Policy

We can provide you one free sample to express the sincerity of establishing the direct business relationship with you. But you are responsible the delivery cost.


  • Q: How to use eye massager?
  • A: Our eye massager is very easy to use. You can operate the machine to switch the massaging modes with one button
  • Q: What’s your terms of payment ?
  • A: We accept T/T, Western union and L/C, but we do not bear the cost of issuing the certificate.
  • Q: What’s your payment condition?
  • A: 30% deposit in advance, 70% balance before the shipment.( we can discuss more details about the payment condition if necessary)
  • Q: What’s the materials of the eye massager?
  • A: ABS cover is environmental-friendly,not easy to break and very easy to clean.
    the material for the eye mask is advanced suede texture cloth or deerskinn flocking material, soft and comfortable.
  • Q: People who need to use eye massager?
  • A: People who suffer from myopia and weak sight, such as students even pupils.
  • People whose work is to use eyes for long time,including engineer, office staff, accountant.
  • People who has eye bags,black eyes, dark circles and wrinkles.
  • Also suitable for ones who stay up, overuse eyes and suffering from insomnia.
  • Q: How to control your quality?
Quality Control

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