How does eye massager work

Pure therapy head & eye massager with heating,vibration,air pressure and hot compress, is a beneficial device used not only for making a spa to your eyes, relaxing and relieving the pressure of your eyes and brain, eye fatigue, but also improving the blood circulation, increasing the metabolism of cells around eyes, making vision restored. It also has beauty benefits, can work for air bag, wrinkles, dark circle.

How does eye massager work?

Intelligent air pressure

Eye and head massager simulates traditional massage method,squeezing seven acupoints around the eye regularly. Stimulating the rich nerve endings around the eye, activating deep cells around the eye, strengthening the central nervous system of the head and eyes, and clearing the nervous system of the eyes and head. The seven acupoints are silk ramboo point, fishwaist acupoint, zanzhu point, jinming point, temple, pupil point and back-ball acupoint.

Massaging the temples is good for relaxing the brain and relieving eye fatigue.

42 ° Constant temperature hot compress

Constant temperature hot compress can promote blood circulation around the eyes effectively, accelerate the metabolism of cells around the eye, rebuild the formation of keratin protein around the eye, and restore vision.

3. Multi-frequency vibration

Multiple vibration points can excercise the eye muscle group, relieve muscles and promote blood circulation, increase eye muscle elasticity, improve eye microcirculation and the regulation function of the eye nervous system, relieve brain stress and eye fatigue quickly.

Best Eye Massagers in 2020

Wireless bluettoth eye massager

Wireless Bluetooth Eye Care Massager

Wireless bluetooth eye massager is the No.1 best eye massager in the market. It has different six working modes for you to choose. Different modes with different four function for different requirement. When use this eye massager, you can enjoy various feeling of heating, vibration and air pressure. It also has bluetooth and built-in music function, you can connect the eye massager with your phone,listening your favorite music when you use this machine. Besides massages, this machine also uses infrared heat to improve your skin and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

Heating Eye Massager

The heating is comfortable like a hot towel covering the eye area, opening the pores in your skin to help any eye cream you use with it absorb into your skin easily. This can help the cream work better at removing dark circles under your eyes as well as fine lines. Besides, This item has 5 different working modes, combines air compression, heat and vibration together, helping relax your eyes and your entire temple area. The foldable and rechargeable design—all make it small, great for travel or use anywhere.

Best Mini Eye Massager

This item is the smallest in the market. One-button cyclic design makes it operate easily. It has three different working modes to connect vibration, air pressure and hot compress together. It use three-dimensional airbag .Compared with traditional airbag, three-dimensional airbag has more area to contact the eyes, the air pressure is stronger, the airbag is raised higher, and the massage is more powerful.

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