how eye massager work for eye acupoints

eye massager machine is best for eye acupoints

There are seven key acupoints around the eyes, they are Cuanzhu acupoint, Fish-waist acupoint, Silk-bamboo acupoint, Temples, Pupil acupoint, Back-ball acupoint and the Qingming acupoint.

Comassager, as one of the most professional eye massager manufacture in China, our eye massager machine takes advantage of Chinese traditional acupressure to increase blood circulation to the eyes and brain, relieve the strain and fatigue in the eyes and brain, prevent myopia, hyperopia, amblyopic, and reduce eye bags, eyestrain dark circles under the eyes and Wrinkles around eyes, prevent computer eye syndrome make one’s work efficient. Our eye massager adopts 4D double airbag, 4D circular airbag simulates a fingertip massager, can massager the eye acupoints in a large area accurately.

How Many Key Acupoints Around the Eyes?

How to Massage the Acupoints to Cure Eye Problems?

the Cuanzhu acupoint

The Cuanzhu acupoint is in the depression of the inner edge of eyebrows. According to Chinese traditional acupressure,massaging this acupoint can relieve eye fatigue and headache,Unclear vision, pseudo myopia. Among the students’ eye exercises, one part is Shiatsu massage Cuanzhu acupoint, which shows that the effect is extraordinary.

the Fish-waist acupoint

The Fish-waist acupoint is on the forehead, just above the pupil, and in the center of your eyebrows. According to Chinese traditional acupressure,massaging this acupoint can prevent keratitis, facial nerve paralysis and ptosis.

The Silk-bamboo acupoint

The Silk-bamboo acupoint is in the depression of the brow bone. According to Chinese traditional acupressure,massaging this acupoint can relieve red swelling, myopia, strabismus, headache and freckles.


Temple is in front of auricle, on both sides of the forehead and on the extension line of the outer corner of the eye. When the brain is used continuously for a long time, the temple often feels heavy pressure or pain. According to Chinese traditional acupressure,massaging temple can relieve relieve headaches and eye pain.

The Pupil acupoint

The Pupil acupoint is at 1 cm outside of eyes. According to Chinese traditional acupressure,massaging this acupoint can remove wrinkles, relieve the treatment of headache, eye red, eye pain, fear of light shy bright, tears against the wind, hyperopia unclear, cataract, pannus, young myopia, retinal hemorrhage, optic nerve atrophy.

The Back-ball acupoint

The Back-ball acupoint is at the lower orbital margin of our eyes, has the effect of treating myopia, strabismus, glaucoma and early cataract and other eye diseases.

The qingming acupoint

The Qingming acupoint is on the inner side of the eye, and slightly above the inner canthus is in a depression. The effect of massage qingming point is to eliminate dark circles under the eyes, reduce pressure around the eyes, prevent headache, refresh the mind and so on.

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