• How does eye massager stop dry eyes?
  • Does eye massagers work?
  • Do you suffer from continually dry eyes? 
  • Does your vision sometimes become blurry or unfocused?
  • Do you experience dark circles under your eyes?

The best eye massages is an useful and comfortable device of relieving issues such as temple pressures, eye strains, headaches, facial pain, dry eyes,dark circles around the eyes and many more problems. Eye massagers are unique and high technological pain relief options, which generally offers a range of massage modes, heat settings, air pressure, multi-function vibrating and music options. They are portable and battery-powered, so you’ll be able to transport them easily.


No.1 42 degree constant temperature heating:

The heating gives a nice warming sensation like a hot compress. Using carbon fiber heating components,especially help with problems like dry eyes, eye-strain, dark circles, blurry vision and headaches, which are all linked to reduced circulation.


Multi-function vibrating around your eyes increases the flow of blood and relaxes ocular muscles so that tissues can repair and return to homeostasis, this results in youthful and healthy-looking eyes.

NO.3 Music options:

It is obvious that any procedure gets more relaxing with music on.We added music players with a few meditating motives in our eye massage machine. You can listen to your favorite music when you using eye massager.


Air pressure stimulate the flow of blood in your brain, which can improve your mood,massage acupuncture points accurately. Trigger points around your eyes can relieve tension throughout your entire head and in your sinus passageways.

Do you naturally want to massage your temples or around your eyebrows when you have a headache? That’s because there are several trigger points around your eyes that can hold tension and cause headaches. Eye massagers are helpful for people with chronic tension headaches, because they allow you to release the tension and increase blood flow.

Acupoint Functions
CUANZHU ACUPOINT The Cuanzhu acupoint is in the depression of the inner edge of eyebrows.
According to Chinese traditional acupressure,massaging this acupoint can
relieve eye fatigue and headache,Unclear vision, pseudo myopia. Among
the students’ eye exercises, one part is Shiatsu massage Cuanzhu acupoint,
which shows that the effect is extraordinary.
FISH-WAIST ACUPOINT The Fish-waist acupoint is on the forehead, just above the pupil,
and in the center of your eyebrows. According to Chinese traditional
acupressure,massaging this acupoint can prevent keratitis, facial
nerve paralysis and ptosis.
SILK-BAMBOO ACUPOINT The Silk-bamboo acupoint is in the depression of the brow bone.
According to Chinese traditional acupressure,massaging this acupoint
can relieve red swelling, myopia, strabismus, headache and freckles.
TEMPLE Temple is in front of auricle, on both sides of the forehead and
on the extension line of the outer corner of the eye. When the
brain is used continuously for a long time, the temple often feels
heavy pressure or pain. According to Chinese traditional acupressure,
massaging temple can relieve relieve headaches and eye pain.
PUPIL ACUPOINT The Pupil acupoint is at 1 cm outside of eyes. According to Chinese
traditional acupressure,massaging this acupoint can remove wrinkles,
relieve the treatment of headache, eye red, eye pain, fear of light shy
bright, tears against the wind, hyperopia unclear, cataract, pannus,
young myopia, retinal hemorrhage, optic nerve atrophy.
BACK-BALL ACUPOINT The Back-ball acupoint is at the lower orbital margin of our eyes,
has the effect of treating myopia, strabismus, glaucoma and early
cataract and other eye diseases.
QINGMING ACUPOINT The Qingming acupoint is on the inner side of the eye, and slightly
above the inner canthus is in a depression. The effect of massage
qingming point is to eliminate dark circles under the eyes, reduce
pressure around the eyes, prevent headache, refresh the mind and so on.

Try out these 8 eye massagers that can help fight against aging and fatigue:

Our Top Pick: Wireless Bluetooth Eye Massager

The wireless bluetooth eye massager is our top pick. It includes air pressure, vibration, heat modes, designed to provide a wireless eye massage that can help relieve fatigue and strain, dry eyes, headache and sinus pressure in your ocular region. It have six different massage modes, bring you an ultimate relaxation experience .

Six different massage modes

Massaging Mode Massage Technique Effects
Automatic ModeMusic+Vibration+Hot Compress + Air Pressure
Improve eyesight, relieve eye dryness, eliminate eye tightening and discomfort
Clear Mode Music + Air Pressure Improves vision, recover the elasticity of skin around the eyes , relieves eye dryness, eliminates eye tightening and discomfort
Dynamic Mode Music+Vibration+ Air Pressure Relieve eye fatigue, recover the elasticity of skin around the eyes , Prevent eye bags and dark circles
Eye Relaxing Mode Hot Compress + Air Pressure Massage the eye acupuncture points, improve eye blood circulation around eyes
Sleeping Mode Music+Hot Compress the hot compress relieves the soreness of the eyes, thereby eliminating dry eyes, bags under the eyes, and dark circles. With gentle music, improve sleep quality, improve insomnia and multiple dreams
Children Mode Music+Vibration+Hot Compress + Air Pressure Caring for children’s eye health ,improve eyesight,
Relieve eye fatigue,eliminate eye tightening,discomfort and headache. Improve learning efficiency

Our Five Favorite Eye Massagers

No.1: Breo Eye Massager for Eye Beauty with Far Infrared Heating

Compared with traditional eye massager, this new generation achieved a great breakthrough in the history of eye massage: The two transparent windows make it possible to enjoy eye massage while working and watching TV. It is the multi-functional eye massager. Connecting with heating, vibration, hot compress and music, it not only can improve sleeping, relax and relieve stress, but also have many beauty functions, far infrared heating can reduce wrinkles, promote blood circulation around the eyes, relieve eye fatigue,soreness,and eliminate eye bags and dark circles.

No.2: Therapy Head & Eye Massager with Heating

There are 20 pcs of 7-10 mm soft silicone rotating nodes simulating human 3D massage method, massage the acupuncture points around the eyes in all directions, driving eye muscles movement, easing the pressure of work and study. recovering your eyes from stress and tiredness,relieving dry eyes, eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles, migraines, puffy eyes, myopia, flipkart…… effectively.

NO.3: 180 degree folding eye massager

This  portable and foldable eye-massager promotes itself as an ideal travel companion.  It features multi-frequency vibration capability, intelligent air pressure, infrared heat compression and magnetic field. It aims to relax the wearer with an acupressure point massage while playing MP3 music. It have five different massage modes, can massage in different combinations to relieve the eye and make it relax.

NO.4: Wireless Electric Eye Massager

This wireless electric eye massager is pretty easy-to-use and is effective for relieving tired, strained and dry eyes, as well as wrinkles . It uses acupressure and vibrations to help relieve pain in your head and eyes. You can choose from over 3 different modes depending on your preferences. This item uses heat compression and intelligent air pressure to help reduce pain. The double layered airbags lined around this massager will help to make wearing this device comfortable.

NO.5: Eye Massager with Heat and Vibration

This eye massager with heat and vibration designs with the elegant white color,makes it vogue and contracted. In order to help it better fit your head, this model comes with an adjustable size knob. You can use this knob to help ensure the massager fits snuggly on your head so it works well. This massager have large battery capacity, can run for up to 3 hours on batteries or after being used with its charger.

NO.6: Portable Electric Eye Massager

The portable electric eye massager connects micro-frequency vibration, constant temperature hot compress, and double airbag 4D  together, promotes better sleep, relieves stress and eases pain. It also improves blood circulation and gives relief to eye fatigue. 

NO.7: Eye Beauty Massager with Vibration and Music

This item is our first generation and is always popular in the market and be classical. It also features multi-frequency vibration capability, intelligent air pressure, infrared heat compression and magnetic field. When used regularly, this massager may reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness around your eyes.

If you’re looking for a great eye massager to use, you have plenty of options available. The models above are some of the top ones you should consider and all will help you to relax while also improving your eye health.

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