is eye massager effective?

How to stop dry eyes? Does eye massagers work? Yes! Eye massager is a useful and comfortable device for those people who wants to relax after hard working day. It can relieve temple pressure, eye strain, headaches and dark circles around the eyes. Our eye massager offers a range of massage modes, heat settings, air … Read More

how eye massager work for eye acupoints

eye massager machine is best for eye acupoints There are seven key acupoints around the eyes, they are Cuanzhu acupoint, Fish-waist acupoint, Silk-bamboo acupoint, Temples, Pupil acupoint, Back-ball acupoint and the Qingming acupoint. Comassager, as one of the most professional eye massager manufacture in China, our eye massager machine takes advantage of Chinese traditional acupressure … Read More

How does eye massager work

Eye massager is a beneficial device used not only for making a spa to your eyes, relaxing and relieving the pressure of your eyes, but also improving the blood circulation, increasing the metabolism of cells around eyes, making vision restored. Eye massager is so amazing? It can work for air bag, wrinkles, eye fatigue, dark … Read More

best mini eye massager

Best Electric Mini Eye Massager Mini electric eye massager is a new special instrument for protecting eyes and beautifying eyes, have a great improvement on Breo eye massager. It combines modern ophthalmology theory and cosmetology of traditional Chinese medicine. It can promote blood circulation around eyes, reduce blood pressure in brain, relax nerve in brain, … Read More

intelligent eye massager

Intelligent Eye Massager Comassager series eye massagere with air pressure, hot compress, multi-function vibration,can help to get relief from eye strain, dry eyes, eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles, migraines, puffy eyes, myopia and you can feel fresh after few minutes use. If you are working in the IT field and spend most of time in … Read More

rechargeable warm steamer eye massager

Rechargeable Warm Steamer Eye Massager Comassager series eye massager can massage more than 20 acupuncture points such as “fish waist”, “silk bamboo” and “bearing weeping” around the eyes, stimulating the acupuncture points around the eyes, accelerate blood circulation, enhance the metabolism of the eye skin cells, prevent myopia, and relieve eye fatigue effectively. eye massager … Read More

wireless electric eye massager

Wireless Electric Eye Massager Comassager series eye massager sets intelligent air pressure and multi-frequency vibration, air pressure simulates multiple frequencies of the human hand, so as to reach the muscles and nerves around the eyes, relieve eye pain and eye fatigue. Multi-frequency vibration can improve eye adjustment ability, improve vision and inhibit vision loss. The … Read More


Best Eye Beauty Massager Our Comassager series eye massager uses a strong airbag osmotic compression method, and the temple is the most important acupuncture point for eye care, so when you use this eye massager,your temple will have a sore and soft feeling. Our eye massager focuses on massage the temples, combined with gentle massage … Read More