Features of eye massager: Comassager eye massager connecting with intelligent air pressure, 42 degree constant temperature heating and multi-function vibrating simulates human 3D massage method, can relieve eye strain, dark circles eye bags,dry eyes and improve sleep.

Benefits of eye massager: Breo eye massager can relieve the pain around the eyes and head, help to improve your blood circulation around the eyes; Wireless eye massager can improve skin structure by removing wrinkles and lines on your face; Pure therapy head & eye massager can relax your eyes, increase the flow of oxygen which helps to diminish anxiety ,making you sleep better. Comassager series eye massager and neck massager can meed your all requirement, our eye massager is the best gift for your parents, your wife and husband, children, friends and colleagues.

Now,comassager massage has become a fashion for modern people. There are four types of pure massager machine in the market:

  • Breo Eye Massager: They are best for improving bloodcirculation. Good circulation promotes better vision and reduced inflammation.
  • Wireless Eye Massager: This is the best eye massager to eliminate dark circle. It heats the skin, opens the pores and reduces inflammation.
  • Pure therapy head & Eye Massager: If you don’t like automatic devices, then this type is perfect for you. You can control the options, massagee strength and the time. They are lightweight and battery powered, you can take them anywhere you go.
  • Shiatsu Neck Massager: Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique that uses circular-motion, deep kneading pressure on targeted acupressure points to help release tension and ease sore, tight muscles.

Comassager have connected these three types of eye massager and vibrating, heating ,air pressure, hot compress, music in one set, have became the best eye massager machine in the market.

Wireless Bluetooth Eye Care Massager

Wireless Bluetooth Eye Care Massager

1.Wireless and Justable

Cordless and 180 ° folding design, making the massager portable. The head band tightness could be adjusted to fit most people’s face shape. Read More

Best Neck and Shoulder Massager

This best neck and shoulder massager eases neck and shoulder pain and headaches with a genius combination of massage, far infrared heating and magnetic field therapy. It comes with 10 big and 10 small rotating nodes and an easy to turn on heat function, you can use this neck massager at home, or with the convenient strap attach it to the neck rest of your car, for convenient stress relief on long drives. and reviewers say, “It is very effective, very versatile and easy to use.” Read more

Best Shiatsu Neck Massager with Heating and Kneading

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique that uses circular-motion, deep kneading pressure on targeted acupressure points to help release tension and ease sore, tight muscles. This neck massager comes with 10 Big nodes and 10 small nodes, which provide deep tissue massages on your neck to release stress, relieve sore muscles, and help you relax. Read More

Best Quality Eye Massager with Heat and Vibration

Comassager series eye massager, connects Intelligent air pressure, multi-function vibration and constant heating in a whole, aims to give you an ultimate trip from warming up the eye area, massaging eye balls and all the acupoints around the eyes and temple to improve blood circulation,oxygen  Read More

Air Pressure Eye Massager

  1. Comassager series eye massager is a product which sets air pressure massage, music, hot compress, multi-function vibration, at a whole. It’s wireless,foldable, rechargeable, with large capacity li-battery and easy to carry. It is very popular over the world. Read More

Best Eye and Temple Massager

Temple is in front of auricle, on both sides of the forehead and on the extension line of the outer corner of the eye. When the brain is used continuously for a long time, the temple often feels heavy pressure or pain. Our eye and temple massager according to Chinese traditional acupressure,massaging temple can relieve relieve headaches and eye pain,provide relaxing sleep after a the whole day hard work and study. Read More

Hot Sale Eye massager with Music for Wholesale

1. Bulit-in music and 256MB memory storage

You can download your favorite music and listen to the gentle music when you do eye massage. Read more


Best Eye Massager Machine for Dark Circle

Are you suffering from problems of headache, fatigue, sorness, dry eyes, dark circle, migraines, puffy eyes, myopia,flipkart and so on? Comassager series eye massager is the best eye massager machine, can help eliminate eye bags and dark circles caused by insufficient sleep and poor blood circulation, This item is the smallest and lightest in the market. It’s the best gift to your family, friends and colleagues. Read more

Best Electric Eye Massager with Air Pressure

Comassager series eye massager -Electric eye massager with air pressure,adopts the sharp-edged technology of air pressure, far infrared therapy, vibration and music therapy.The biggest feature of the this portable eye massager is the use of smart air pressure, which allows the user to completely relax the muscles and nerves, help to relieve dry eyes, eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles, migraines, puffy eyes, myopia, flipkart…… effectively,and achieve acupuncture-like effects when using eye massager, and can calm the mind and help sleep. It is the best eye care massager in the markrt. . Read More

Under Eye Massager

Under eye massager accelerates the circulation of the eye, relieves sore eyes and dryness, diminishes dark circles, and effectively relieves eye fatigue

2. The intelligent pressure: the word “smart pressure” is a bit raw, right? Intelligent air pressure is a massage that simulates multiple frequencies of the human hand, so as to reach the muscles and nerves around the eyes, relieve eye pain and eye fatigue. Read More

Best Eye Beauty Massager

Comassager series eye massageruses a strong airbag osmotic compression method, and the temple is the most important acupuncture point for eye care, so when you use this eye massager,your temple will have a sore and soft feeling. Our eye massager focuses on massage the temples, combined with gentle massage around the eyes, constant temperature hot compress and vibration massage,have beauty benifits,which can effectively prevent eye fatigue, myopia, dark circles and improve the blood circulation around the eyes,improve eyesight. Read More

Wireless Electric Eye Massager

1. THE CONSTANT TEMPERATURE accelerates the circulation of the eye, relieves sore eyes and dryness, diminishes dark circles, and effectively relieves eye fatigue. 2.THE INTELLIGENT PRESSURE. Read More

Rechargeable warm steamer Eye Massager

Comassager series eye massager can massage more than 20 acupuncture points such as “fish waist”, “silk bamboo” and “bearing weeping” around the eyes, stimulating the acupuncture points around the eyes, accelerate blood circulation, enhance the metabolism of the eye skin cells, prevent myopia, and relieve eye fatigue effectively. Read More

Intelligent Eye Massager

Intelligent eye massagere can help to get relief from eye strain and you can feel fresh after few minutes use. If you are working in the IT field and spend most of time in the front of computer then the Eye Massager device is the effective option for you. You can feel energetic in short duration. It has some other eye and mind relaxing benefits such as remove headaches and improve blood circulation around eyes. Read More

Best Electric Mini Eye Massager

Mini electric eye massager is a new special instrument for protecting eyes and beautifying eyes, have a great improvement on Breo eye massager. It combines modern ophthalmology theory and cosmetology of traditional Chinese medicine. It can promote blood circulation around eyes, reduce blood pressure in brain, relax nerve in brain, and improve insomnia caused by excessive use of brain and neurasthenia. relieving dry eyes, eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles, migraines, puffy eyes, myopia,effectively. Read More

Wireless Mini Eye Massager Machine

Best eye massager with heating is our newest generation. it is also a pure therapy head & eye massagerIt has made a great improvement on Belik eye massager. We have made a great improvement successfully. There are 20 pcs of 7-10 mm soft silicone head,simulating human 3D massage method, massage the acupuncture points around the eyes in all directions, driving eye muscles movement, easing the pressure of work and study. recovering your eyes from stress and tiredness,relieving dry eyes, eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles, migraines, puffy eyes, myopia, flipkart…… effectively. Read more

Eye Massager for Eye Beauty with Far Infrared Heating

Comassager series eye massager is not just do eye massager. It is the multi-functional eye massager, not only can improve sleeping, relax and relieve stress, but also have many beauty functions, far infrared heating can reduce wrinkles, promote blood circulation around the eyes, relieve eye fatigue,soreness,and eliminate eye bags and dark circles. Read more

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