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Eyes are one of the decent gifts from God to everyone,and the eyes are the windows in the heart. When you open this window, you can watch the world in different poses and explore the mysteries of nature.

But Unfortunately, just as it’s the case with everything else, the eye muscles also suffer from the wear and tear. The repeated use of eyes causes the formation of wrinkles, crow’s feet as well as discoloration around the eye region. Some of the most common problems affecting the eyes include the formation of dark circles below the eyes, eye bags, and puffy eyes. After a considerable period of time, these things might cause one to look older than their real age. Now, you should do eye massage to save your eyes.

One of the most-effective solutions that can be employed is the use of eye massagers. While natural eye massages are best, it’s not a very practical option since spa treatments are quite expensive and also time-consuming. For individuals who don’t have the energy nor time to go to spas and cosmetic clinics, having an eye massager is the best thing. The eye massager not only relieves visual fatigue, but also relieves dry eyes and pain caused by long-term use of the eye. It can also exercise the optic nerve and improve the visual acuity, workable for dry eyes, eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles, migraines, puffy eyes, myopia, flipkart . It is suitable for people with computer eyes, mobile party, student party and so on.

Our company Comassger is committed to convenient eye massage products for more than 10 years. Here, I recommend you top 3 best eye massager products.

Six Highlighted features

1. The constant temperature: accelerates the circulation of the eye, relieves sore eyes and dryness, diminishes dark circles, and effectively relieves eye fatigue

2. The intelligent pressure: the word “smart pressure” is a bit raw, right? Intelligent air pressure is a massage that simulates multiple frequencies of the human hand, so as to reach the muscles and nerves around the eyes, relieve eye pain and eye fatigue.

3. Multi-frequency vibration: multi-frequency vibration can improve eye adjustment ability, improve vision and inhibit vision loss.

4. Built-in Light music: light music playback can make people calm and calm, eliminate irritability and stress。

5. Large capacity: Built-in 1200mAh li-ion battery, Charging Time: 2-3h, Working Time: 5 hours.

6. 180°folding: Stylish Portable and adjustable design and fits all face types.

List of Top 3 Best Eye Massagers in 2019

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Wireless Bluetooth Eye Care MassagerVibration bluetooth eye massager with six modes and blue tooth function, micro-frequency vibration, constant temperature hot compress, relieve both eyes edema and dark circles; fit the curvature of the face, light texture, good sense of use
Heating eye massager with five modes,The method of soothing air pressure, constant temperature vibration, etc. is used to compress, heat and soften the high-frequency vibration around the eyes to relieve the fatigue of both eyes. The appearance is exquisite, the texture is light, and it is convenient to carry around.
Wireless Electric Eye Massager has three different modes of air pressure, vibration and heating. It can massage in different combinations to relieve the eye and make it relax. Fit the facial lines, 90 degree foldable design, elastic adjustable, to meet the needs of different people.

NO.1: Vibration Bluetooth Eye Massager

  • Item No.: EM 9088
  • Color: grey, black or customized

Comassager has brought one of the newest eye massager. This eye massager connects micro-frequency vibration, constant temperature hot compress, and double airbag 4D  together. Besides, it has six modes and bluetooth function.LED disply

Six Working Modes:

1.Automatic Mode: Music+Vibration+Hot Compress+Air Pressure

2.Clear Mode: Music +Air Pressure

3.Dynamic Mode: Music+Vibration+Air Pressure

4.Eye Relaxing Mode: Hot Compress+Air Pressure

5.Sleeping Mode: Music+Hot Compress

6.Unique Children Mode: Music+Vibration+Hot Compress+Air Pressure: Prevent myopia, reduce eye pressure, help the brain stay awake, improve learning efficiency

NO.2: Heating Eye Massager 

  • Item No.: EM 9099
  • Color: white, black or customized

Heating eye massager with five working modes for vision care. This eye massager intelligently uses hot air compression technology to recover you from eye soreness, pain and dark circles. The therapy uses temperatures between 32 and 42 degrees. This help to increase blood circulation in your eyes.

Five Working Modes

1. Clear Mode: Music +Air Pressure

2.Dynamic Mode: Music+Vibration+Air Pressure

3. Eye Relaxing Mode: Hot Compress+Air Pressure

4. Sleeping Mode: Music+Hot Compress

5. Automatic Mode: Music+Vibration+Hot Compress+Air Pressure

No.3: Wireless Electric Eye Massager

  • Item No.: EM 8066
  • Color: white, black or customized

This wireless electric eye massager have three working modes.  It has the intelligent air pressure that can operate hardly or softly on the eyes based on the chosen mode. The eye massage has 3 pressure levels; sleeping, med, and the hard level. As such, you will have the freedom of seeing which level offers most comfortable to you.

Three Working Modes

1.Med Mode: Air Pressure+ Music+Vibration

2.Hard Mode: Music+Vibration+Hot Compress+Air Pressure

3.Sleep Mode: Hot Compress+Air Pressure

Company Information

Comassager International, as the most professional eye massager manufacturer in China, we has greatly growth and development through past 10 years.Taking the principle” Make Healthy a habit, Enjoy a quality Life”, Comassager keeps developing and improving in products designs and quality. We have our own R&D department, 7 engineers and the main designers have at least 10 years working experience on the line of massager industry. We can give you best quality,best price, best service and fast delivery.If you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please send your email to We will reply you at once.

Packing and Shipping


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Q1.Are you a manufacturer or a trading company? 
We are a manufacturer, providing OEM & ODM service.We have specialized in this field over 14 Year. 

Q2, Will you supply samples for test the quality? 
We are honored to offer you samples, the sample charge and shipping cost will be pay 
by buyer,you can pay from Paypal and TT,normallly the samples can be ready in 3-7days.We can refund the money when you place the order. 

Q3. What’s your main markets? 
North America, Europe, Japan, Korea,etc.

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