Under Eye Massager

1. The constant temperature: Under eye massager accelerates the circulation of the eye, relieves sore eyes and dryness, diminishes dark circles, and effectively relieves eye fatigue

2. The intelligent pressure: the word “smart pressure” is a bit raw, right? Intelligent air pressure is a massage that simulates multiple frequencies of the human hand, so as to reach the muscles and nerves around the eyes, relieve eye pain and eye fatigue.

3. Multi-frequency vibration: multi-frequency vibration can improve eye adjustment ability, improve vision and inhibit vision loss

Product Details

Product Name: Vibration Bluetooth Eye Massager
Model No. :EM 9088
Voltage:AC 110-250 V
Power:5 W
Battery Capacity:1800 M AH
Main Materials:ABS
Blindfold Materials:PU
Airbag Materials:TUP
N. / W.:310 g
Color:White and Black or Customized


1. Bluetooth music: light music playback can make people calm and calm, eliminate irritability and stress

2. Large capacity: Built-in 1200mAh li-ion battery, Charging Time: 2-3h, Working Time: 60-90 min

3. 180°folding: Stylish Portable and adjustable design and fits all face types.

Comassager series eye massager relieves fatigue, and eye fatigue is the most common problem in the eye. Reading, watching TV, playing computer, etc. are too long, or if you don’t have a good rest, your eyes will be in a state of fatigue. At this time, three adjacent acupoints were pressed, namely, Mingyan, Fengyan and Dakong. Chinese medicine believes that the three major acupoints are the external acupoints, which are located at the temporal, medial and ulnar sides of the posterior nail of the thumb. After the massage, it can refresh your mind and quickly relieve eye fatigue.

Six Working Modes


  1. Please do not use eye massager if have eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataract, retinal detachment.
  2. Please do not use eye massager while driving.
  3. Please do not use eye massager if suffer from stroke, high blood pressure, low blood pressure.
  4. Please do not use eye massager while wearing contact lenses.
  5. Please do not put eye massager in high temperature or wet places.
  6. It is recommended to put the massager on the eyes before starting the machine so as to avoid damage caused by excessive air pressure.

Sample Policy

We are honored to offer you samples, the sample charge and shipping cost will be pay by buyer,you can pay from Paypal and TT, normallly the samples can be ready in 3-7days. We can refund the money when you place the order.   

Packing and Shipping


  • Q: What’s your terms of payment ?
    A: We accept T/T, Western union and L/C, but we do not bear the cost of issuing the certificate.
  • Q: What’s your payment condition?
  • A: 30% deposit in advance, 70% balance before the shipment.( we can discuss more details about the payment condition if necessary)
  • Q: What is your terms of delivery?  
  • A: We accept FOB, CIF, etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you.  
  • Q: What’s your main markets? 
  • A: Japan, Korea, North America, Europe,Middle East,etc 

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