what are hightlights of eye massager

In recent years, portable eye massager is becoming popular around the world,especially sweeping the Asian market.

Comassager, as a professional eye massager manufacture engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service for more than 10 years, experienced a transition from a wired eye massager to a wireless eye massager successfully.After 10 years of exploration, our eye massager has advanced highlights.

What are hightlights of Eye Massager?

1. 4D double airbag squeezing massage

Compared with traditional airbag, 4D double airbag is a circular airbag pressure, pushing the eye acupuncture points accurately. Eye acupuncture points are temple ,jingming point, silk bamboo point, fishwaust point, zanzhu point, pupil point and back-ball point.

The benefits of massaging temples:
When the brain is used continuously for a long time, the temple often feels heavy pressure or pain. This is the signal of brain fatigue. At this time, the effect of using the massager will be very significant

The benefits of massaging Jingming point: Pressing the Jingming acupuncture point with a thumb and forefinger every 2 hours can make the tired eyes relax immediately.

The benefits of massaging Silk-bamboo point:
This acupoint is located in the depression of the brow bone and has effects on red swelling, myopia, strabismus, and freckles.


Multiple vibration points can excercise the eye muscle group, relieve muscles and promote blood circulation, increase eye muscle elasticity, improve eye microcirculation and the regulation function of the eye nervous system, relieve brain stress and eye fatigue quickly.


Constant temperature hot compress can promote blood circulation around the eyes effectively, accelerate the metabolism of cells around the eye, rebuild the formation of keratin protein around the eye, and restore vision.

4. different work modes for different requirement.

Our eye massager series have different work modes to meet your needs, it is very easy to operate, making you enjoy a eye spa whenever and wherever you are.

5. blue tooth music and built-in music

Bluetooth music: you can connect the eye massager with your phone, and listening your favorite music when you do eye massage. Built-in music: With soothing, mood-adjusting music, let you relax and calm down.

6. wireless, 180° Foldable , portable and adjustable

Three-in-one split structure, can be folded 180 degrees, lightweight and foldable design makes it easy to carry. Adjustable bandage, makes it suitable for different head types.

7. Large battery capacity: 1200HMA

Large capacity: Built-in 1200mAh li-ion battery, Charging Time: 2-3h, Working Time: 5 hours. It is suitable for home, office and travelling.

8. ABS cover and skin-friendly eye mask

The material of the cover is ABS. It is easy to clean, has good insulation, and is resistant to falling and collision. PU eye mask is very soft,gentle, and easy to clean. Faux suede fluff eye mask, soft , comfortable. No matter PU or Faux suede fluff eye mask is very skin and environment-friendly.

9. USB hidden charging port

USB hidden charging port makes eye massager fashionable and portable. You can charge with plug, power bank or other Mobile power supply. It is convenient for charging.

10. one button operate,Intelligent timing 15 minutes a cycle

 One-button cyclic design makes it operate easily. connecting vibration, air pressure and hot compress in a cycle with 15 minutes.

11. The best gift 

Comassager as the best eye massager manufacturer in China, our eye massager is he best gift for monther’s day,Thanksgiving,Christmas. You can buy for family, your friends and your colleague.

12. Battery on screen

The LCD screen will show how many electric left on this eye massager. Then you can charge it if you find that there is low battery.

People who need to use eye massager urgently

Beauty who is suffering from Crow’s feet, black circles, eye bags, eye pain, headache, neurasthenia, insomnia

Students who is suffering from Myopia, hyperopia,eye fatigue caused by excessive or long-term wear of glasses.

Computer users, accountants, designers, secretaries, teachers, drivers, etc.

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