Shiatsu neck and shoulder Massager

Best Neck and Shoulder Massager This best neck and shoulder massager eases neck and shoulder pain and headaches with a genius combination of massage, far infrared heating and magnetic field therapy. It comes with 10 big and 10 small rotating nodes and an easy to turn on heat function, you can use this neck massager at … Read More


Breo Eye Massager V 2.0 for Eye Beauty with Far Infrared Heating Breo Eye Massager V 2.0 for Eye Beauty with Far Infrared Heating is best eye massager in the markeing, not just do eye massager. It is the multi-functional eye massager, not only can improve sleeping, relax and relieve stress, but also have many … Read More

breo eye massager review

With the rapid development of massage industry,there are many various eye massager in the market,Which one is the best? Today, Comassager make a view for Breo eye masager & Clarisonic Eye Massager & Panasonic Eye Massager & Iris Eye Massager & Roison Eye Massager. Help you to choose the best one. Top positive review Breo … Read More

Precautions for use of eye massager

As the one of the most professional eye massager manufacturer, we Comassager are always striving to optimize our product design and improve the quality of our products.But there are still a lot of matters must be noted when using an eye massager. Please do not use eye massager while driving. Please do not use eye … Read More

People who need an eye massager

With the development of modern technology, people are faced with various electronic products every day. In the fast-paced life and work, people are suffering from eye diseases.With the increasing demand for eye massage in the market, we have finally developed an eye massage device based on the modern eye massage theory and the principles of … Read More

the principles of eye massager

Comassager series eye massager is a multi-functional device based on the principles of Traditional meridian theory of Chinese medicine and Cosmetology of traditional Chinese medicine, combining with heating,vibration,air pressure, hot compress to maintain and promote eye health and overall facial youth, relieving dry eyes, eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles, migraines, puffy eyes, myopia…… effectively. Wireless … Read More