Vibrating Neck Massager

Vibrating Neck Massager integrates four kinds of physical therapy methods, including low and medium frequency electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, infrared thermal moxibustion, and pillow traction. Using traditional Chinese medicine principles, it forms an efficient compound energy field, which can relax muscles and improve the blood circulation of the neck. Effectively relieves neck stiffness and pain.

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Product Name: Vibrating Neck Massager
Model No.: NM-117A
Voltage: AC 110-250 V ,1000MA
Power: 5W
Pulse Frequency 0-1000HZ
Pulse Width 20μs-400μs
Product Size:152*178*43mm
N./W.: 213.5G


Pulse patch can be used with vibrating neck massager when doing neck massage

Built-in two pulse patch, which simulates traditional Chinese medical massage methods through pulses. Used in connection with the neck massager, it can effectively relax the neck, shoulders, waist, abdomen, and legs. It’s surprisingly effective at relieving pain in other areas of the body as well. It’s also relatively affordable, too. The manufacturer does caution that people with certain health issues, including high blood pressure and some skin conditions, check with a health professional before using, so make sure you read the warnings.

Vibrating and Heat Therapy

Vibration works mostly to relax your muscles, and stimulating blood flow. Heating works to warm up your muscles, which kind of mimic the effect of stretching. heat function lets you warm things up to provide even more tension relief. 39℃-45 ℃ optional heating not only get rid of tension, but also improve blood circulation, further assisting with recovery. Heat also can melt away tension in your neck. Soothing heat comforts your tight muscles and adjusts intensity.

3D deep shiatsu massage

2 deep-kneading rotating nodes that work wonderfully to relieve any aches and muscle tension you may have. It delivers deep shiatsu massages to relax your tired neck, and the makes it even better. This technique is applied by rolling the palms, fingers, and thumbs over particular pressure points to provide muscle relief and relaxation. It really feels like a hand working the tight muscles.

Needle-free pulse and Magnetic effect

Needle-free pulse mode to simulate nerve acupoint to promote metabolism, relax muscles and eliminate soreness. The built-in magnetic can massage human acupoint, which can balance the nervous system, improve the oxygen supply, microcycle and the nutrition status of the tissue cells.

Portable socket and wireless design

Unique charging design allows computer USB, mobile phone USB, power bank for charging at anytime and anywhere. The wireless design makes the massager portable. You can take the massager to anywhere and enjoy neck massage anytime easily. High-capacity chargeable li-battery, it is available to use 20 times for one charge.

best gift idea 

Comassager neck massage is lightweight and easy to use, making it ideal for relaxation in your home or office.You can get effective relief from sore muscles during work,promote blood circulation at home, simulate nerve acupoint on the business trip or melt neck tension away when driving. Nothing takes the stress of a long day at work away quite like a massage. Now you can enjoy powerful relief and relaxation from the comfort and convenience of wherever you are without having to visit a massage therapist.

Packaging & Shipping

Packing list:
1. Main machine
2. Remote
3. Adapter
4. Pulse patch
5. Power line
6. Electronic wire


  • Q: Can you support OEM or ODM service?
  • A: Sure, We Comassager is a Top OEM&ODM Manufacturer,  have more than 10 years experiences in Manufacturing & designing Personal healthy care product,  massage instrument. We do have our own R&D department. And if if you have good ideas, we could also cooperate together.
  • Q: Which Certificates Do We have ?
  • A: Usually our Products are come with International CE, Rohs , ETL and FCC Certificates.
  • Q: Do you provide warranty and how long is it? Any after-sale service?
  • A:   All of our product are come with 13 months warranty ,And we do have very strictly QC system to control it quality during production and will double check it quality before shipment, Also if the goods have any quality issue during Warranty Time, We could offer the Free New Component or New device to replace the Broken one .

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